Air in Diesel Fuel Problem and Solution

Problem: Entrapped air in Diesel fuel is a common and well known issue as entrapped air does not mix with fuel. It cannot be confused with fuel vapor which is always miscible with liquid fuel and not a concern for the proper operation of a diesel engine.

The percentage of air present in diesel fuel is a function of the quality of the fuel. Typically diesel fuel contains very low parts per million of air and the typical diesel engine does not suffer from sudden or interrupted operation due to air bubbles in the fuel flow. However as the part per million of air increases in the engine, the loss in performance becomes drastic. This problem becomes greater with smaller engines and is also very noticeable with today’s finely tuned electronics. The problem with air in diesel becomes even more critical since air can be suddenly trapped in locations which can have a higher detriment to the engine. If modern electronics believes that the air entrapment is fuel exhaustion, an engine could suddenly go into a shut down mode. Even though today’s fuel systems are pressurized, air entrapment can occur in nearly every place where line bending or resistance occurs in the system.

Solution: Since it is nearly impossible to predict where and when air entrapment will occur in a diesel fuel system. The best solution is to design and develop a system which filters the air prior to the fuel entering the critical engine components. Since air will typically rise in any system, a filter with a direct exhaust to the atmosphere will ensure that any entrapped air will exit the fuel flow and no longer be a problem. NOTE: It is essential that the air evacuation system is situated where the fuel bottleneck occurs just before presentation to the injectors. In this case, air can only exit in one place and the likelihood of air entrapment occurring in the fuel injection area is greatly reduced.

There are some systems on the market which attempt to address this problem but none come close to the real solution as offered by Performance Forge Inc. (PFI). The DASS system designed by PFI is a revolutionary system which works hard to ensure that your diesel fuel system does not suffer from the debilitating effects of air entrapment. The DASS system uses common sense design concepts with a realistic approach to reducing air entrapment at an affordable price to the end user.